Why does my e-cigarette crackle?

This is a normal phenomenon resulting from a temperature rise in the resistance coil. Under the effect of heat, the e-liquid contained in the wick reaches its boiling point, which causes characteristic crackling.

Don’t panic, everything is normal

When you activate an e-cigarette, it is very common for it to start crackling. This is a completely normal reaction. The solution of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, mainly making up the e-liquid, has a boiling point of 185°. As such, when the resistance coil heats up for the first time, its temperature rises very quickly and can cause rapid boiling of the e-liquid.

The fact that the liquid is crackling does not mean that the e-cigarette is set incorrectly. However, a potential risk of projection of hot liquid in the mouth remains. This sensation may be unpleasant, but is harmless.

Rebuildable atomizer enthusiasts know this phenomenon well. Indeed, when building your own resistance coil and inserting a cotton wick, once the cotton wick is soaked in e-liquid, it is common to activate the battery to check whether the setup is correct. At that time, crackling occurs and projections of liquid, or vapour, can very easily be observed. Moreover, this is a golden opportunity for macro photography enthusiasts to take some amazing shots.

vape crackling

So, in sum, if your e-cigarette is crackling, this confirms that the current is flowing through the resistance coil and that the wick is adequately supplied with liquid. However, if the crackling is too intense or too rapid, this could mean that the battery setting is not compatible with the resistance coil. In that case, check that the settings are correctly adapted to your resistance coil.

Is it a problem if my e-cigarette doesn’t crackle?

Not all resistance coils crackle a lot. Although this phenomenon is very common, if crackling is not present, that does not mean that the setting is incorrect, or that the device is defective. Some e-cigarettes are actually very discreet and are virtually silent when in operation.

Ultimately, a crackling resistance coil is a somewhat positive sign. Everything is normal!

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