Not all vapes are made of the same materials. Some of them happen to be made of wood. These look quite stylish, especially compared to traditional plastic. Best of all, they taste just as great as anything else on the market.

Top Regulated Wood Box Mods

What Are Regulated Wood Box Mods?
Therion DNA 75 Box Mod
iStick Power Nano 40W Box Mod
Baby Ness 80W Box Mod

What Are Regulated Wood Box Mods?

For a vape to be sole over the counter, its got to pass specific benchmarks. Otherwise, it would be illegal for anyone to sell them. That said, plenty of vapers still make wooden mods at home.

But, if you’d like to buy a wooden vape, it’d have to be regulated. In other words, over-the-counter wooden vapes meet the requirements for them to be sold legally.

This Year’s Top Regulated Wood Box Mods

There are not as many of these vapes as there are others. However, the few that are available seem to be top-class. Therion leads the pack with its classy design and powerful coils. Nevertheless, there is also plenty of competition to keep them occupied.

Therion DNA 75 Box Mod – Lost Vape

First and foremost, Therion’s vape looks better than anything else on the market. Of course, for such a stylish mod, there is a price. However, we’d say these mods are worthwhile as long as you can afford them.

Product Specifications

– 30A Maximum Continuous Output:

Never taste an uneven hit. The vape delivers a continuous supply of power, making certain each hit tastes its best.

– Gold Plated Spring Loaded Contacts:

Gold conducts electricity better than most other materials. The springs underneath the contacts ensure your connection is never lost.

– Ebony Wood Accent Panels:

How much classier could a vape look? In our opinion, these ebony wood panels are about as nice as something can look.

– Leather Wrapped Battery Bay:

Plus, on top of the ebony paneling, you’ve got a leather-wrapped battery bay.


iStick Power Nano 40W Box Mod – Eleaf

iStick is made by Eleaf, a premier vaporizer manufacturer. They’ve designed something quite peculiar, but it seems like their hard work has paid off. You’ll hardly ever need to refill this, on account of its deep juice well. Not to mention, each hit tastes great because of the variable wattage system.

Product Specifications

– Variable Wattage:

Would you rather vape something lightly? In that case, you’d set the wattage as low as possible. When you’d like to up the power, adjust the wattage higher.

– Hidden Airflow Control Valve:

Controlling the flow of air is as simple as twisting the tank. That’ll either open or close the vents, adjusting how much air can flow through.

– Built-In Ohms Meter:

Have you ever changed a coil, only to burn a hit immediately afterward? That’s because the resistance changed, and you never knew about it. This built-in ohms meter prevents that from happening again.

Baby Ness 80W Box Mod – Envii

Baby Ness has made a rather powerful vape, despite its small size. This pocket-sized device would be easy to take on the road.

Product Specifications

– 0.5 volts – 8.5 volts:

Variable voltage devices have become a lot more popular recently. After trying this device, we’re starting to understand why.

– Reverse Polarity Protection:

Never burn a coil. This feature ensures electrons only flow in one direction.

– 21700 battery:

You can plop the industry’s largest battery inside of this mod. That way regardless of how much you use it, running out of power will never cross your mind.

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