Vaping is a popular way to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. In this blog post, we will be discussing how to clean your vape tank and vaporizer in order to keep it running at its best efficiency.

E-cigarettes use an on-demand tank system that holds e-juice in a chamber where it is exposed to a heating element. If the vape tank is not cleaned regularly, it can damage and affect performance. It can also affect the taste – imagine smoking a coffee-tasting liquid and then changing to berries. When a coil is gunked up, it will cause your vape to have reduced flavor and vapor production and even make it taste burned.

Why Clean the Vaporizer?

The purpose of cleaning a vaporizer is to avoid the build-up and residue that accumulates in the tank, which can change the flavor. The buildup also affects performance – your vape will have reduced flavor and too much heat, which can destroy it.

A clean vaporizer will last longer, perform better and taste better. When you vape with a dirty or clogged tank system it can lead to:

  • A dirty vape tank can harbor bacteria and other microorganisms, which can lead to stomach upset or worse.
  • Reduced flavor and vapors production
  • A burnt tasting vape
  • Leaking from the atomizer as liquid seeps into the heating element chamber. This could lead to dangerous situations as electronics get in touch with liquids, or if liquid gets into electrical parts.
  • A reduced life span of the battery and mod as a result of burning through juice faster than expected.
  • It can cause the coils to burn out fast and will need replacement more often
  • The liquid could reach up into the mouthpiece which means it is very easy for you or someone else that touches your vape to get sick – this includes pets and kids.

Therefore cleaning your vape tank and the whole device regularly is important for the health of your vaporizer and the best vape experience. And if you have asthma or a respiratory condition, cleaning your vape tank regularly will help keep it from getting worse!

What Cleaner To Use?

Use either an alcohol-based cleaner like rubbing alcohol diluted in warm water to clean out stubborn stains inside and out, a bleach solution (diluted bleach is safe for all rubber parts) if there’s rust/calcium buildup or soap (preferably one without chemicals), pure 91% alcohol or other high-proof alcohol or create a cleaning solution made by mixing 30 ml of distilled white vinegar with 120ml of boiling water. An old household trick will do it as well – baking soda!

How to Clean a Vape Tank – Step-by Step

  1. Take out the vape tank from your vaporizer and empty it of any fluid. Rinse with clean water if there is still liquid in the tank.
  2. To spot-clean residue off of the inside edges where you can’t reach with a dishcloth or paper towel use a Q-Tip. For a deep clean you fill the tank with the cleaner of your choice and let it soak for a few minutes, then clean and rinse it. 
  3. Take out any replaceable parts from inside of your vaporizer (coils) and rinse them off thoroughly in clean water. Keep in mind where everything goes and try not to lose the small pieces. (Tip: put every piece in a bowl)
  4. If the vape tank is made of plastic, then soaking it for an extended period of time may cause the plastic to become brittle or weaken. Fill up the tank and let it soak for about 15 minutes. Then use a dishcloth dipped in water at low temperature (below 120°F) to rinse off residue from inside edges where alcohol didn’t reach, don’t dry anything right away!
  5. Dry everything with a paper towel as well as you can and let it air dry completely before replacing it in your vaporizer and reassembling the whole device.

If you are using a cartridge or cartomizer, make sure to rinse your mouthpiece as well, it may have collected debris from vaping or condensation that has formed on the outside of the device during use.

The cleaner you get all of it, the better your vape is going to be!

Further Tips for Long Term Usage

Keep a vape drying rack in the room you use for vaping to allow any moisture or residue that may have formed after cleaning to evaporate.

Periodically wash your vaporizer, mouthpiece and cartridge/cartomizers with water and soap as well as wiping down the exterior of the device with alcohol wipes before putting it away.

You should also change out coils every few weeks when they start tasting burnt or using less than one coil per week if you are getting low on liquid so electronic cigarettes can continue working efficiently without degrading performance prematurely.

Taking good care of your device gives you more time to enjoy vaping!

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