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As the essential power source involved in how e-cigarettes work, the battery component is easy to use, but relatively complex in terms of its properties. In this guide to vaping, we’ll take a look at the key information that you need to know to be able to select the right battery for you.

The key component of an e-cigarette

You can’t vape without a battery! To produce vapour, the liquid needs to be heated by the resistance coil in the e-cigarette, and the battery is needed to supply the electricity required for this process. Despite appearances, a lot of energy is needed to heat a resistance coil. Some e-cigarette models have a built-in battery sealed inside. It is charged by means of a USB port, but besides that, it is inaccessible for the user. For this reason, before purchasing a battery, you must ensure that the battery life is sufficient for the intended use, since replacing it is not an option.

This is one of the advantages of models with a removable battery, as you can always fit a charged replacement battery if the battery runs out. This means that for these e-cigarette models, the choice of battery is up to the user, and it is important that you make the right choice. It will affect your enjoyment, but it is also a safety concern. The extremely rare incidents that the media take great pleasure in reporting are also a reminder of what is at stake. Batteries are both easy to use, and complex in terms of their properties.

Therefore, we have compiled a number of articles based on your interest in the topic, ranging from selecting the best battery to in-depth technical details for geeks, and including useful points which are nonetheless not essential for experienced users.

Which battery brand should you choose?

If you are looking for a different sized battery, the brand is a key selection criterion. In brief, we can recommend 4 brands, you should steer clear of the others. You will find the objective reasons behind our clear-cut review in a full article on the different brands.

How do you choose a battery?

Choosing a battery involves two main steps. First of all, determine the discharge rate needed for the vaping power envisaged, then find the battery that meets this criterion and offers you the best battery life. This article details everything you need to know about maximum discharge capacity and current (MDC) in batteries, two key features, which, despite being well-known, are often interpreted incorrectly.

What are the specifications of a battery?

Batteries also have other less well-known specifications if you want to optimise your choice and your use. For geeks, those who are interested or are meticulous in their choices, we have reviewed these battery specifications: internal resistance, volt sag, rated voltage, chemicals, and battery discharge rate. We have also taken the opportunity to dispel a few myths and shed light on concepts which often cause confusion.

How do you charge a battery?

Charging batteries is an integral part of their use, and has a major effect on battery life. The importance of this point is easily underestimated, so we are giving you all the details. Is an external charger preferably to charging in the box? Should you charge frequently or wait for the battery to run out? What is the best battery charging rate? We have left nothing out.

How to extend the life of a battery?

A battery can last for two months or three years depending on how you use it. The right charging habits, along with some simple practices can considerably improve the life of your batteries. Nevertheless, you always need to strike a balance between the enjoyment obtained and protecting the battery life – we have given you all the factors that you need to take into account to find the best compromise for you.

When should you replace a battery?

As for any e-cigarette component, battery performances will eventually drop, when they are not damaged by an impact or their protection has not been breached. It may then be time to replace your battery. In this guide, you will find the various factors that need to be taken into account when determining whether a battery is ready for recycling (because you should never throw batteries away), or whether it can be repaired and reconditioned safely.

How to choose batteries for an electronic box?

If, like many people, you think that the serial / parallel configuration of batteries or the resistance value has some influence on battery life or the current drawn from batteries in an electronic box, this guide is for you. Ohm’s law does not apply the same way for electronic boxes as for mechanical ones. A somewhat technical guide explaining the correct specific calculations for regulated mods.

Battery explosions… and how to prevent them.

Finally, on another note, an article on e-cigarette battery explosions. As the media feast on these stories, despite them being extremely rare, we thought it was important to review this explosive topic to understand it, and above all prevent it from happening to you.

Don’t forget!

  • Never use a battery beyond its specifications, both for battery life and your safety.
  • Always carry batteries in suitable protection; most of the rare accidents that occur are linked with transporting unprotected batteries.
  • Only use batteries that are in perfect condition, free from scratches or impacts.
  • Never throw a battery away, place it in a specific recycling container.

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