Many people would like to quit smoking but have found that it can be easier said than done. Most smokers have tried to kick the habit in the past and failed, maybe numerous times, before successfully quitting. E-cigarettes can help ease the transition if you’d like to give up tobacco products but still enjoy the routine, or if you want to move away from smoke and tar without giving up nicotine. Of course, there’s no guarantee that starting vaping will mean you’ll finally quit smoking for good, but countless vapers will tell you that it certainly helped them, and with a little knowledge and a few tips, it may be able to help you, too.

Making the switch from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes

The debate around whether ecigs can help you quit smoking rages on. However, there is growing evidence that vaping can be successful in luring people away from tobacco cigarettes. People who replace cigarettes with an alternative such as ecigarettes may be more successful in quitting than people who don’t. The experience of vaping is very similar to that of traditional smoking, making it easier to give up even a long-time habit for many people.

If you’re new to vaping, you’ll find that switching isn’t without its challenges. You’ll be choosing a new product and unfamiliar equipment, and the act of vaping itself is slightly different than smoking, but these challenges are easily overcome. In no time, you’ll be vaping like a pro – and best of all, you’ll be leaving behind a habit that’s unarguably harmful to your health.

Choosing the right vape

Half the battle when it comes to vaping for a beginner is finding the right vape cigarette. Here are a few pointers.
  • Buy a quality ecigarette. There are so many ecigs on the market that it can be a little overwhelming to try to narrow it down to the right one for you. Some of these products are better for new vapers, such as disposable ecigs or vape pod starter kits. Avoid making your choice based on price alone – a very cheap or low-quality e-cigarette won’t deliver the satisfying hit that you need to kick your smoking habit.
  • Don’t choose a complicated vape mod. If you want to successfully integrate vaping into your life, it’s probably best to stick to the basics at first. Simpler products such as cigalikes and pod systems can help you get comfortable with vaping first, before moving on to more advanced mods (if you even want to at all). Some mods can get quite complicated – and frustrating for someone who isn’t familiar with how they work and all the accessories and maintenance involved.
  • Try out different types of e-liquid. There are literally hundreds of flavours of e-juice out there. Go ahead and try several of them. Go for an assortment of flavours and nicotine strengths, both to find your favourites and simply to have some variety on hand. Do consider the types of flavours you are most likely to enjoy, whether you generally go for basics like tobacco and mint or are more interested in some of the wilder flavours, such as Caramel Mocha Latte or Banana Vanilla Blast.

Get the most out of your new vape

Once you have chosen a good beginner vaping device and have a selection of tempting e-liquid on hand, it’s time to start vaping. Here are a few tips to help you make the switch from smoking and get the most out of your new activity.

  • Make the switch gradually. For many people, the best way to switch from smoking to vaping is to do it slowly. For example, you might start by replacing one of your daily cigarettes with a vaping session. After a few days (or when you feel comfortable), replace another one. You don’t need to feel rushed but do push yourself to take the next steps so that you reach your goal of quitting completely.
  • Learn to vape properly. Drawing on a vape is a little different than drawing on a cigarette. Instead of hard, quick puffs, try a longer, softer inhale. Think of vaping as something to be enjoyed and savoured – that’s why there are so many different kinds of e-juice and so much different equipment to explore. Many people find that vaping becomes a highly enjoyable hobby, even one that easily replaces tobacco.
  • Get involved with the vaping community. There are vapers just like you all over the Internet and even in your own city. Social media sites offer hundreds of pages that provide a community for vapers. Talk with other vapers, ask questions, read other vapers’ experiences, and learn all you can. You can also look for vaping events and meetups in your area to further your knowledge and meet fellow vapers.
  • Avoid vaping constantly. It takes just a few minutes to smoke a cigarette, and then you put it out. Vaping isn’t quite the same. A prefilled disposable e-cig or a tank full of juice can last for some time, allowing constant vaping. However, it’s best to avoid this temptation. You can have an experience that’s more like smoking by limiting yourself to specific time frames in which you will vape.

Above all, be patient. Switching from smoking to vaping is a big change, and learning how to vape properly won’t happen overnight. Take your time, try new things, and enjoy the experience. When you find what works for you, you’ll quickly discover that vaping can be every bit as satisfying and enjoyable as smoking.

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