To change things up this time around, DynaVap has released not one, not two, but THREE VapCaps for 2021. Of the three, the VonG stands out as the most notable addition. Is it worth it? Let’s check it out.

DynaVap VonG 2021 Vaporizer Review: Strong vapor

As with every VapCap in the lineup, the DynaVap 2021 VonG Vaporizer pumps out strong vapor, and is flexible enough to cater to a variety of light and heavy users. The VonG, however, features its own titanium heating tip with unique cuts and curves, that’s heavier than earlier titanium tips. The look is tight, and the sessions are satisfying.

What’s a VonG?

It’s a slick name for a VapCap to use on a glass bubbler. It comes from glass bubbler naming conventions, and stands for Vapcap ON Glass. VapCaps are dry herb vaporizers you heat by hand with a torch lighter, and they’re about the size of a classic cigarette.

Complete design overhaul

Each VapCap released this year received a sleek, updated look, and the 2021 VonG looks completely refreshed. To start, the VonG is built like a tank. It’s rock solid, with full titanium components from end to end, and a wooden sleeved midsection that’s reinforced with a full titanium lining. Like the other 2021 VapCaps, the VonG also features unique cuts and curves that truly separate it from the rest.

Cuts and curves make a difference

There’s much more to the VonG’s cuts and curves than meets the eye. Its wooden sleeve is shaped in a way that helps your fingers ‘fall into place’ as you’re getting ready to take a hit. The large cuts provide a comfy spot to place your fingers, while the smaller, teardrop-shaped divots on either side feel sharp and unnatural, which serve well as a tactile guide to the airport. The VonG’s snug curves and beefy stature provide a solid, yet classically familiar feel that many users will appreciate.

New improvements for the tip and cap

The VonG’s tip is a substantial improvement over the 2020 version. The grooves along the extraction chamber provide a secure fit for the Captive Cap and eliminate any worries of a hot cap flying off. The tip itself locks perfectly into place with a satisfying click, and is easily removed with minimal twisting and pulling. DynaVap did a great job with this one. And for guys like me that enjoy a good microdose, the Adjust-a-Bowl system here is a solid feature.

Comfy mouthpiece, perfect for glass

If you wanted to connect your VapCap to a 14mm glass piece in the past, you had to settle for a wider mouthpiece that didn’t feel as natural on the lips. The 2021 VonG pairs the best of both worlds with a comfy, titanium mouthpiece that tapers down to 10mm, and a second taper for 14mm female connections. The titanium’s matte finish minimizes scratches from your glass, but you should remain cautious with extensive use.

Adjustable airflow

Some users feather the airport with their finger to produce a more turbulent hit, and the VonG’s airport is shaped perfectly to produce the same effect with a quick, up and down slide of the finger.

If you prefer a more steady, consistent draw, check this out. The VonG’s wooden sleeve rotates to either open up or close down the airflow. Once I locked in my perfect draw, I left it there and never thought about it again. When the cap clicks, jump right into your draw instead of fumbling around for the airport.

DynaVap lingo

Eclipsing airport – The rotating wooden sleeve “eclipses” the airport to adjust the airflow.

Nona notched completely contoured extraction chamber – The extraction chamber/bowl features “notched” edges for tearing and ripping nuggets directly from your herbs, and the outside of the bowl is contoured.

Trisected 5 fin profile – The tip has five fins, each separated by a groove made from three (trisected) straight cuts.

Adjust-a-bowl – All new DynaVap tips now come with two positions for the bowl screen, so you can vape a full or half load.

10 and 14mm tapered mouthpiece – The VonG’s titanium mouthpiece tapers down to fit both 10mm and 14mm glass connections.

Some early inconveniences

Some first run VonGs had issues we don’t normally see with VapCaps. A small percentage of units had tight midsections that could get stuck, with a few falling on the looser side. Dynavap already made adjustments, so we expect to see very few of these problems moving forward.

We’re not sure if DynaVap will offer different wood species for the VonG in the future. There is just one at release, and the look of your unit might be lighter or darker than others, depending on the particular piece used. Bottom line, be ready for a VonG that’s lighter or darker than pictured on the internet.

Who’s the VonG for?

If you’re a glass junkie and want the option to throw your vape onto a bubbler, this is the VapCap to get. It comes with two separate glass fittings and its set-and-forget adjustable airflow provides hands-free hits atop your favorite glass bubbler. But don’t be surprised if you enjoy the VonG dry, with its “old school” feel in the hand.

If you’re new to the scene or just want to try out a new DynaVap, this VonG is still a great choice. It’s not the cheapest option, but it does everything you need from a VapCap, and then some. And if you’re a collector, this VonG could be your favorite!

Who’s the VonG not for?

If you don’t like the growing pains that come with a newly released product, sit tight on this one for a little bit. At release we saw a few inconsistencies with the airport adjustment. There’s still no risk on your part if you want an early unit, though – we’ve got you covered if any problems arise.

The VonG does fit standard Dynastashes, but can get stuck in some of them due to manufacturing tolerances. It might fit perfectly in one stash, but get stuck in another.

Our take

DynaVap has been hard at work on the VonG lineup recently, and this update feels like the real deal. In 2019 DynaVap released the HydraVong, introducing more crown cuts for better airflow, an offset airport, and a funky new feel. While I liked that version, it doesn’t feel anywhere near as natural or complete as the 2021 VonG.

This version has all the features (adjust-a-bowl, increased airflow, adjustable offset airport, 10mm and 14mm fittings) for perfect bubbler use, but also feels better in your hand. The thicker body with center pinches gives me that old-school feel, like a classic smoke. Once the airflow adjustments are ironed out, this feels like a hit!

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