Not all vaporizers are built the same. For those who prefer the most customizable experiences, mechanical mods offer unparalleled control.

These mods differ from most traditional vaporizers, in that they don’t feature most of the normal safety hardware.

Instead, these allow you to directly control the current.

Top Mechanical Mods Clones

What Are Mechanical Mods Clones?
Best Mechanical Mods Clones
Rabox Mechanical Box Mod
Kindred 1.5 Mechanical Mod
Petri V2 Lite Mechanical Mod

What Are Mechanical Mods Clones?

Mechanical mods tend to be built at home. Clones are similar. However, you’ll find them available over the counter. Besides that, they’ve got most of the same features as anything homemade. You must connect the elements before completing the circuit.

Otherwise, mech mods would just sit there inert.

Some people prefer devices that let them control everything. Others would rather use something that’s a little less involved. Either way, if you haven’t heard about clones, we’d love to set the record straight.

No Safety Circuits:

Above all, you’ll notice none of them have safety circuits. Thus, if you decide to try one, be extra careful. Otherwise, someone could get hurt, or you could burn a hit. Anyone who hasn’t tried one of them before should be careful when they finally get the chance. It’s not all that uncommon for someone whose excitement got the best of them to burn a few hits during their first time.

Totally Customizable Experience:

Nevertheless, despite lacking such safety features, plenty of users enjoy them. It sounds like they seem to love how much control these devices offer. You’ll be the one who completes the circuit each time you’d like a hit. Whoever thought customization was gone will be sorely disappointed.

Clones Give You the Best of Both Worlds:

Since clones can be sold over the counter, they must meet certain safety requirements. As a result of those requirements, you’ll find they aren’t nearly as dangerous. So, anyone who would like to try a mechanical mod might as well start with one of these.

This Year’s Best Mechanical Mods Clones

Have you heard about any of the latest mechanical mod clones? All of them sound as if they’ve been developed by mad scientists, who dreamt up something phenomenal. Fortunately, we’ve got them all listed below. That way, instead of researching your options, you can go straight to the main event.


Rabox Mechanical Box Mod – Smoant

Rabox has been known as one of the leading mechanical mod manufacturers for a while. Their newest clone happens to be our top pick. Thanks to its high/low settings, controlling how each hit tastes has been rather fun.

Product Specifications

– Smart Mechanical Output:

Unlike other mechanical outputs, this one happens to be intelligent. Thus, each time you hit the vapor, it’ll adjust automatically, contouring the flavor.

– Soft – Direct Voltage Based Output:

Suppose you would rather vape something softly? In that case, sent the device to its lowest setting. This uses direct voltage-based output, minimizing the flow of electrons.

– High – 5V Constant Output:

When you’d like to hit something powerfully, crank it to the highest setting. This produces five volts of constant electricity, meaning it’ll vaporize nearly anything.

– 100% Handmade:

Each device that this company sells has been put together by hand. If you are rather fond of handmade craftsmanship, you’ll have a tough time finding anything that can top this.


Kindred 1.5 Mechanical Mod – Council of Vapor

Kindred’s newest mod clone looks as great as it hits. Featuring multiple battery options, you can decide whichever battery suits your tastes. Its recessed ridge top cap minimizes any spills, your fault or not, while refilling.

Product Specifications

– Both 18350 and 18650 Sized Batteries:

Perhaps, you’d rather use the smaller battery, on account of its lower power. Plug one of them in and hit the vape as much as you want. Then, switch it out for something larger when you’d like to crank up the heat.

– Silver Plated Copper Contacts:

Silver and copper conduct electricity better than most other metals. Blending them together, these contacts make the best of both. Nothing slows down the flow of electrons while you are hitting this. Thus, regardless of what’s in the juice tank, you’ll be blowing humongous clouds.

– Recessed Ridge Top Cap:

Sitting back a bit, this recessed top prevents spills as if it’s no big deal. Compared to other devices, you’ll hardly ever have to clean anything up. In our experience, certain features seem as if they’ll always be overlooked. Hopefully, this won’t be one of those times.

– Recessed Reverse Locking Ring:

Fraught with worry, you handle new vaporizers with extreme care, thanks to your history of dropping them. Fortunately, with this reverse locking ring, such anxieties seem unfounded. This feature keeps the battery locked in place. Even moving around a lot wouldn’t shake anything out.


Petri V2 Lite Mechanical Mod – Dotmod

Petri’s V2 is a further innovation of their classic mech mod. If you’re a fan of their previous model, nothing ought to satisfy your tastes better. From the 24-karat gold-plated threading to its enclosed internals, everything screams class.

Product Specifications

-24k Gold-Plated Threading:

Gold isn’t just a status symbol. It’s also a rather efficient conductor. Threads coated with gold, this vape’s conductivity is off the charts.

-Fully Masked Internals:

Other mechanical mods bare their internals to the outside world. Although it may look great, it exposes them to damage. By closing them up, Petri has given your vape protection. That way, something like a simple fall won’t put it out of commission.

-Precision Micro-Engravings:

All of their products feature micro-engravings. These are another example of the exquisite craftsmanship they use while manufacturing them.

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